Udemy – Theory of Computation Become a master of DFA


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Master Deterministic Finite Automata of Theory of Computation as Theory of Computation forms core of computer science

What you will learn

☑ You will become a master of Determinisitic Finite Automata

☑ You will understand the basics of Theory of Computation indepth

☑ You will master Finite Automata of Theory of Computation

☑ You will view Computer Science in a different dimension

☑ You will be able to answer all questions of exams like GATE,PGEE,ISRO on DFA

☑ Understand Why we study theory of computation

☑ You will get ready to learn advanced concepts of theory of computation like Push Down Automata

☑ You will get a very good understanding the basics of computer science

Course Page:_https://www.udemy.com/course/draft/2221662/

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